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Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography

If you are looking for boudoir photography in Colorado Springs CO to help you capture those special and intimate moments that may come only once in a lifetime, contact us today at Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs!

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colorado springs boudoir photography

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

There are some relationships and some moments in our lives that are too important and too special to ignore. This time in your life only comes once, and what better way to remember it than a one of a kind photo shoot that is sure to be unlike any other?

Boudoir photography is growing in popularity as people are realizing that anyone can have boudoir portraits done, and people just can’t get enough of these beautiful and memorable photos.

About Our Studio

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs is a boudoir photo studio that has been helping people in the Colorado Springs area for years to get beautiful and one of a kind portraits that they can cherish forever.

Our Colorado Springs boudoir photographers and glamour photographers have years of experience in the photography industry, and have the knowledge to provide you with high quality and professional portraits.

Our mission is to help everyone feel like a model during their boudoir photo shoot, even if they have never modeled before! During your boudoir photo shoot, you can look and feel like a professional model!

Our clients love having such beautiful and special photos to look back on, and many of our clients have come back for different occasions and photo shoots, such as having a baby or getting married.

Our boudoir photographers provide our clients with a number of different photo shoots, such as:

  1. Boudoir
  2. Plus Size Boudoir
  3. Couples Boudoir
  4. Pregnancy Boudoir
  5. Bridal Boudoir

No matter what the occasion, our photographers are here every step of the way to make sure that your photos turn out just as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.

But don’t wait for a special occasion! Boudoir photos can be something fun to do for yourself so that you can always have beautiful photos to look back on for years and years

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for the best place for Colorado Springs boudoir photography, or looking for boudoir near you, come check out our studio. Our clients love our photographers and our photo studio.

Our goal is to give our clients beautiful and intimate photos that they can look back on for years to come. There are some special moments and memories in life that may only come once in a lifetime, so we want to help you remember those forever.

Our boudoir portraits are high quality and professional, and can help anyone look and feel just like a model, even if they have never done a photo shoot before!

The thing that our clients love most about Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs is our team. Our photographers are warm, kind, and professional. The safety, privacy, and comfort of our clients is our top priority, so we want to make sure that we help every client feel as comfortable as possible during their boudoir photo shoot.

If you are interested in booking a boudoir photo shoot with one of our glamour photographers, contact Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs today! We are here to help you every step of the way so that you can have beautiful, intimate, one of a kind photos to treasure forever.

colorado springs boudoir photographer
colorado springs boudoir photos

What To Expect?

The first step to having a successful photo shoot and beautiful picture is a consultation with your photographer before the photo shoot. A consultation ensures that you and your photographer can have a chance to discuss what you want in your photos and what you should expect from the photo shoot. Your stylist can give you tips about what would look best, and can even help you make arrangements for your hair and makeup so you can really look the part.

When you come to your photo shoot, just wear loose clothes to the studio. There will be a private place for you to change when you get there. Wearing tight clothes right before your photo shoot can cause panty lines or other marks in the skin that you don’t want.

If you have never modeled before, that’s okay! Your photographer is here for you every step of the way so that your photos turn out beautiful and professional. Our goal is to help you look and feel just like a model! Your photographer can even help you with posing, since they know what will look good in front of the camera.

The editing process is different for every photographer, but just know that you likely won’t get your pictures right away. Proper photo editing takes time, so just be patient and know that after your photo shoot, your photographer is still working hard to make sure that your photos look flawless!

Boudoir Services Near You

If you are looking for boudoir photos in Colorado Springs, our photographers offer a number of different boudoir photo shoots to our clients, so that no matter what the occasion, we can help you capture those special memories.

boudoir photo shoot colorado springs

Colorado Springs Boudoir

If you are looking for a fun and different kind of photo shoot, come do a boudoir photo shoot in Colorado Springs with us! We can help you take beautiful pictures that help celebrate your body, and are photos that you can look back on for years to come.

plus size boudoir

Plus Size Boudoir

At Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs, we want to help you celebrate your body, no matter what your shape or size! At our Colorado Springs boudoir studio, we believe in the beauty of body positivity. Our photo shoots are a great way to be able to look back and cherish the beauty of your body.

bridal boudoir and wedding boudoir

Wedding Boudoir

Many different people dream about their wedding day for years, and even spend years planning it. Our boudoir wedding photos are a great way to help capture the excitement of your special day and this once in a lifetime experience. Boudoir photos can make a great gift for your significant other to help make your big night even more special and exciting.

colorado springs couples boudoir

Couples Boudoir Photos

If you are looking for a special photo shoot to spice up your relationship, our couples intimate photography is a great way to let the sparks fly in a fun and romantic photo shoot. Our couples boudoir photography is extremely popular among couples of all ages, so bring your partner in for an exciting and romantic photo shoot that you will never forget!

colorado springs maternity boudoir

Maternity Boudoir Photography

Pregnancy can be a very special time in a woman’s life. Our maternity boudoir photos help you capture that glow, and will provide you with beautiful pictures that you can look back on and cherish for years, so that even when your children are grown up, you can remember your pregnancy like it was yesterday.

About Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is the largest city in Colorado by area, and the second most populated city, behind Denver, with a population of almost 473,000.

Colorado Springs is the fastest growing city for millennials, as well as being a popular destination for those who love the outdoors. Since it is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and home to Pikes Peak, tourists come from miles around to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs, we have worked with clients from all over the area, including some of the nearby cities and towns, such as:

  • Fountain, CO
  • Cimarron Hills, CO
  • Black Forest, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Woodland Park, CO
  • Ellicott, CO
  • Many more surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to a boudoir photo shoot?

While most people wear underwear or lingerie, you can wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident. Some people even just wear casual clothes, as there are some casual clothes that can look sexy! The point is to wear whatever you feel best in!

What do people do with boudoir portraits?

The best part about having your boudoir portraits, is that they are entirely yours. You can hang them up, hide them away, give them as a gift to a special someone, etc. The point is that your photos are yours to do whatever you choose. Some people even put their photos together in a special photo album for easy access for them or their partner to look at whenever they want!

Will I get my photos right away?

With boudoir photo shoots, much like a regular photo shoot, you most likely will not get all of your photos right after your photo shoot. After the shoot, your photographer will spend some time editing your photos so that they look amazing! Every photographer does it differently, so your photographer can give you a more specific timeline of what you should expect. Just remember that beautiful and professional photos take more time than doing it yourself, but they also look a lot better too!

How should I do my hair and makeup?

You can do your hair and makeup however you want for your photo shoot. A lot of women choose to wear their hair down. As for makeup, while some people go for a dramatic look, there are some who prefer a softer, more natural makeup look. Just do whatever makes you feel the most attractive.

“Our photographer was so nice and sweet. She helped us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot. All of our poses felt very natural and romantic. Our photos turned out so great, and we both looked amazing!”

Vanessa k.

“I was pretty nervous going into the photo shoot, just because I’ve never done something like this before, and it’s a bit out of my comfort zone. But my photographer was amazing! She was so friendly and she totally talked me up the whole time so I felt good. The pictures were great and I had a really fun time!”

Heidi P.

“I wanted to surprise my husband on our wedding night, so I decided to try doing some boudoir photos for something fun and sexy. They turned out even better than I imagined, and he was so surprised, he couldn’t stop looking at them, he was in love!”

Chelsea S.

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If you are looking to get some boudoir portraits done, or looking for a boudoir photographer near you, we are here to help provide you with special and intimate photos for any occasion.

We are dedicated to helping provide you with one of a kind portraits that you can cherish forever, while helping you feel confident and have fun! There is no photo shoot quite like a boudoir photo shoot.

If you are looking for some boudoir photos for a special occasion, or even just because, contact Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs today! Come talk to one of our talented photographers to book your boudoir photo shoot now!

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

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